Elder O’Brien Echols

Assistant Pastor

Elder O’Brien Echols was born the 5th child of 5 children to Lewis, Sr and Barbara Echols in Danville, Va. Elder Echols was raised in the former Mt. Zion Way Of The Cross Church, Callands, Va since birth and has been serving God ever since. God blessed him at an early age as he was often before different audiences representing Mt. Zion in the YFC Jubilees and Conventions and other functions. He has always displayed a zeal for the work of the Lord. His grandmother called him “my little preacher” as he would often preach around the house as a child and told her he wanted to be a preacher when he grew up.

He is employed as a Senior Software Systems Analyst. He also owns his own recording studio, Studio E! Productions, providing audio and video recording and editing services.

Called to the ministry at the age of 19, it wouldn’t be until the age of 25 that Elder Echols would acknowledge his call publicly and begin preaching the word of God to others. He enlisted in the United States Air Force and preached his trial sermon in Biloxi, MS. The Lord blessed him to preach the word of God at every duty station he was assigned.

Elder Echols began working with the National YFC as a musician, and later he was blessed to be the National Minister of Music for the NYFC, where he served until he was elected 3rd Vice President. He would then later serve as 1st Vice President.

Having made acquaintances with LaVonya Jones at a NYFC Youth Convention in Chicago, Ill, she and Elder Echols would become good friends who later, after 6 years of friendship, would marry on September 30, 1995. Elder Echols left active duty in the US Air Force and settled in Capital Heights, MD, and joined the Bethel Way of the Cross Church, Huntingtown, MD. Bishop Jacob Green would later appoint him to the ministerial staff. He was ordained Elder by the National Church in 2002. He was consecrated 2nd Assistant Pastor of Bethel in August of 2016 by Bishop Darnell Easton. He serves in many capacities at Bethel, including Minister of Music, Sunday School Teacher, Youth Advisor.

God has poured into the life of Elder Echols from great vessels who mentored him as his Pastor, Bishop Robert B. Fuller, Bishop Jacob Green, Bishop Allen Easton, and his current Pastor, Bishop Darnell Easton. He credits these men for the foundational teachings that he has received which has proffered not only his faith but his ministry. It is his desire to see the saints living in today’s society as God has intended, and prospering as Christians, defending the Word of God against a society that wants to belittle or eliminate them altogether. Elder Echols has been referred to as bold preacher, willing to say what God has said, even above his own opinions and desires. In the rapidly changing world we live in today, where popularity and political correctness often drive our social habits and in some cases our religious responses, Elder Echols is determined to stand on the foundation of the Apostles’ Doctrine, even if it means being ignored, ridiculed, out of touch, or unpopular.